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Street art, or graffiti, infiltrated New York in the 1920s, where anonymous artists left haunting reminders of the socio-political injustices that infected the city. This subversive culture allowed the youth to voice their frustrations, using a universal language understood and accessible by all. Despite its contraband beginnings, street art found its way into the mainstream contemporary art world, due to its power of documenting and disseminating profound socio-political activism .


Our hero…The Truth

You know what’s awesome though? The truth, unlike lying, requires no false narrative, no created backstory or the ability to freestyle like Eminem.

The truth simply has one requirement: speak it.

Now, I know you’re afraid to lose that special person to you, be it a lover, family member, or friend. Or maybe you’re afraid of missing out on an opportunity with someone new, like coworkers or a stranger that could become someone deeply important to you; but, let’s be honest with ourselves…is a cage made of lies really a connection at all?

When lying is an acceptable start of a relationship, an acceptable element of an established relationship, then it will inevitably be the consequential end of a relationship too.

It’s a delicate and trying task that in its initial execution might feel like a series of losses. Yet, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing the truth. Then, love is love, hope is hope, and life is life…because you are honest.

Robert Biehn