Džemperis "WE DEFINITELY SHOULD MEET AGAIN!" Malonūs melagiai


Džemperis. Malonus melagis.

Sudėtis: 85% organinė susuktų siūlų medvilnė, 15% perdirbtas poliesteris.
Aukščiausios kokybės audinys.
300 g/m2


Sweatshirt. One print - two meanings. Everything between the lines.

85% organic vegan-friendly ring-spun combed cotton 15% recycled polyester
Top quality product
300 g/m2


    Dydžiai Sizes (cm) XS S M L XL 2XL
    Krūtinės apimtis 1/2 / Half chest (cm) 48 50.5 53 56 59 62
    Džemperio ilgis / Body length (cm) 65 67.5 71 73 75 77


    Esame sutikę daug malonių melagių kurie kaskart jums maloniai meluoja į veidą, kaip viskas aplink puiku, kaip jie viskuo džiaugiasi, kaip jie šį kartą stengsis dėl savo šalies ir visa jų tiesa yra dedama tarp kabučių, apsisukę apverčia savo tiesą ir toliau pasakoja priešingai. "Tiesa" kaskart kinta, kintant aplinkybėms.

    Pridėkite pirštą prie pinokio nosies matydami, kai Jūsų pašnekovas akivaizdžiai ilgins sąvają savo kalbomis ir nusišypsokite. 


    We are often taught by society and even within our respective beliefs that LIES are acceptable when they are in the form of politeness, as they can create a bridge that transitions into new relationships or prevent bumps in present relationships. However, the reality is that polite lies are the precursor to fatal lies.

    If your first conversation with a stranger begins with lies, it will set the precedence that in the future of that relationship lying is “okay” so long as the individual privately deems that their lies are appropriate for the situation. It has nothing to do with the truth or even respect for each other, but rather has everything to do with a false sense of self-preservation and submission to fear — lies are selfish in every form.

    Polite lying is very common in our society and is often praised as an essential tool in communication. “Oh, I love that band!” –when you don’t. “I don’t mind-” –when you do. “I can’t help it…” –when you can. “It’s okay!” — when it’s not. To ourselves and others, we use lies in our conversations about as much as we use colors. At first, it doesn’t seem bad, we see red and blue lies mix into a purple lie and convince ourselves that our lies beget something “good” or “better”. But what happens when you keep adding more in? Well, you already know the answer to that, I’m sure. One day, usually on our worst of days, we realize that there’s this gray blob of unidentifiable meanings. We can’t tell anymore what’s real and what’s not. All it takes is a singular lie from two individual people to mix up the truth in their relationship.

    Our hero…The Truth

    The truth simply has one requirement: speak it.

    When lying is an acceptable start of a relationship, an acceptable element of an established relationship, then it will inevitably be the consequential end of a relationship too.

    It’s a delicate and trying task that in its initial execution might feel like a series of losses. Yet, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing the truth. Then, love is love, hope is hope, and life is life…because you are honest.

    Robert Biehn